Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace 97% Two Stage 40,000 BTU Variable Upflow/Horizontal 17.5" wide

Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace 97% Two Stage 40,000 BTU Variable Upflow/Horizontal 17.5" wide

AC Pro    |    AC Pro: 65490      MFG: A97US2V040B12X

Training certification required

  • SCAQMD Approved. Click here for info about the SCAQMD rebate
  • Self diagnostics saves last 5 fault codes regardless of power interruption.
  • 10 year limited parts & lifetime heat exchanger warranty.
  • Comfort Sync communicating thermostat compatible.
  • Zero step horizontal conversion.
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Is the certification needed to only purchase Ultra Low NOx units from AC Pro or is there a universal certification for all manufacturers?
As of now, each manufacturer requires their own certification. AC Pro has made getting certified easy with on-the-spot certification provided in the stores, on-demand certification provided online, and group certification for groups of 20 or more.
Does every installer need to be certified or can just the owner be certified?
Every installer needs to be certified, all certifications are kept on file within the account and at time of pick-up if they are not certified we will assist with on-the-spot certification.
How often do you need to clean the debri screen?
It is extremely important to annually check the debris screen and clean it. Clean the debris screen at the end of the air/fuel plenum. That screen is a filter for the air that enters the burner assembly.
Will there be a downflow option available?
At this time, we do not have any downflow options available, however, our manufacturer understands the importance of this option. We will provide more information on Downflow units as soon as possible.
Will there be an LP Kit available?
Our manufacturer is working hard to get the propane kit approved for installation by October 1st. Before bidding any jobs that may require converting the furnace to propane, please call your Sales Manager and ask them for availability.
Will these Ultra Low NOx furnaces fail with old duct work?
When installing or replacing any hvac equipment, having the proper ESP is always important. Rule of thumb is .5” ESP but these furnaces can go up to .8 ESP. Making sure the system has healthy air flow is crucial to any hvac system.
Do the Ultra Low NOx furnaces come with a checklist of parameters for the cumbustion analyzer? For example, which readings and target values need recording?
Ac Pro does offer a Installation Best Practice work sheet for start up. On it, it will have an area where you can input your heat rise, gas inlet and outlet pressures, and an area where you can input your CO2% along with your CO PPM. The charts for the parameters of each furnace will be in the install manual. ALL ULN FURNACES HAVE A CO LEVEL NOT TO EXCEED 100PPM (CARBON MONOXIDE)
Do the Ultra Low NOx furnaces run hotter?
Yes, this furnace does run hotter than what we are traditionally used to. The clearances differ from the traditional low NOX furnaces we are used to installing. Those clearances can be found in the install manual. Also, there has been extra louvers added to the front door and top panel of the furnace to help dissipate the heat out of the burner compartment.
What type of problems should we expect to have with static pressure?
If there are no static issue problems before hand, we see no issue with static pressure problems after installing the ULN furnace. The name plate on the furnaces do say they have a max static pressure of .8”WC. We in tech support always suggest checking static pressures and noting them down. A static pressure issue can cause this furnace to burn too hot! You will have to check from furnace to furnace to see what type of indoor fan motor will be installed. For example, the 80% standard furnace comes with an ECM constant torque motor.
Are there install kits for existing furnaces to update them to the Ultra low nox?
There are no kits to bring an existing low NOX furnace to an Ultra Low NOX furnace.
Maintenance for cleaning the burner assembly?
There are no requirements for cleaning the burner assembly other than cleaning the debris screen at the end of the air/fuel plenum. That screen is a filter for the air that enters the burner assembly. It is extremely important to annually check that debris screen and clean it.
What is the sound decibal for these units?
Unfortunately, this data has not been provided by the manufacturer in the Technical Specifications, however, as soon as we receive an update we will post this answer for you.
There is no mitigation fee with these Ultra Low NOx units correct?
Correct, the new Ultra Low NOx furnaces do not require a mitigation fee.

Product Notice Training certification required
Region California
Prop 65 Warning Yes
Brand Name AC Pro
MFG Name Allied
MFG Model ID A97US2V040B12X
MFG Product ID 15Y84
AC Pro Item ID 65490
Color Gray
Width 17.5 Inches
Depth 29.25 Inches
Height 33 Inches
Weight 125 Pounds
Manufacturer Group A972VX
Warranty Details 10 Year Parts, Lifetime Heat Exchanger
Application Multi Position
BTUs 40,000
Efficiency 97%
NOx Ultra
Motor Type ECM
Phase Single
Speed Variable
Stages Two
Tonnage 3