AC Pro Certification

AC Pro Certification is more than just a badge. Qualified contractors have proven to meet our standards for knowledge, workmanship, and integrity, thereby exceeding minimum state requirements for HVAC contractors.

Homeowners Trust AC Pro

Homeowners search for qualified HVAC technicians in their area by visiting and searching through our contractor listings. They choose our website as a resource because they trust us to provide exceptional recommendations of qualified contractors. Although we have pre-screened and approved all listed contractors, not all are AC Pro Certified. However, when homeowners see the AC Pro Certified logo next to your name, this reassures them that you are not only highly qualified, but you are a proven expert in your field whose business values align with our own.

Get AC Pro Certified

To become AC Pro Certified, you must be state licensed and meet all the certification requirements below.

NATE Certification

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a non-profit organization that tests and certifies technicians working on HVAC systems. NATE-certified technicians demonstrate their deep knowledge by passing both comprehensive and specialty exams. Technicians who are NATE-certified display a proven level of expertise that has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by a rigorous certification process.

EPA Certification

We want to ensure that refrigerant is handled responsibly during installation, repair, and maintenance services. As an AC Pro Certified contractor, you’ll take painstaking care in properly installing heating and air conditioning units, since avoiding leaks is crucial to being environmentally conscious. Being EPA certified means that you know how to properly recover, recycle, and reclaim all used refrigerant according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines.

Training Sessions

Part of maintaining AC Pro Certification also involves maintaining your knowledge in the field. To make it easy on you to stay up-to-date on new products, troubleshooting techniques, installation processes, and more, we hold our own training sessions presented by industry experts. Sessions are free for all AC Pro Certified contractors and conveniently held at our branches during early morning and evening hours.

Bonded & Insured

Mistakes happen, and whenever technicians work on-site, there is always a risk for accidents, no matter how qualified and experienced the technician is. This is why AC Pro Certified contractors must be bonded and insured. We want homeowners to feel confident about the work being done in their home. We want them to know that the work will be completed and if an accident does occur, they are not responsible. Having a bonded and insured contractor working in their home gives them that peace of mind, but most importantly it protects your own business from claims and lawsuits.


We place a high value on honesty and integrity in all of our business matters, so we also look for it in the people we do business with. As an AC Pro Certified contractor, you share these same values. You practice honest advertising. You provide genuine services that are reflected in your truthful advertising campaigns. You only advertise items you carry and product benefits that are proven to work. When homeowners do business with you, they can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Being AC Pro Certified is beyond wearing a badge, it is a symbol of honor, integrity, knowledge, and so much more. If you feel confident that you suit these qualifications, submit your application, and we will thoroughly review your submission, and we reply within two to three business days.