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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more? You can search among these FAQs, use the site search, or try the Live Chat to get help from a Live Agent (during business hours only).

Simply register for an online account by filling out the registration form.

If you already have an AC Pro account and want online access, please have your account number handy when registering. Otherwise, select “I do not know my account number” and we will research the information at the time of review.

Providing your contractor’s license # and EPA certificate at the time of registration will speed up the approval process.

Once registered, you will have general access to the store, however, it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be fully approved and synced with our entire catalog.

You may also apply for a line of credit by following the instructions on our Credit Application.

Click on “Forgot Your Password?” under the Sign-In button then enter your email address and click Submit. An email with instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the email address on file.

If you are the main account holder, you may add sub-accounts and choose the access level that each sub-account has. When signed in as the main account holder, under the My Account button click on “Sub-Accounts”. You can add an unlimited amount of sub-accounts.

You can also assign the following permissions for each sub-account:

  • Orders – View all orders or user’s orders only
  • Addresses – Edit and add shipping address or view addresses only
  • Pricing – Hide pricing or view pricing

You can remove sub-accounts by clicking on the delete icon next to the user’s name under the sub-account menu.

If you are the main account holder or a sub-account user with address permissions, you may edit the billing or shipping address by clicking on “Address Book” under the My Account button.

You can access the AC Pro Online Contractor Store anywere, anytime, on any device. Simply follow the instructions on the image below depending on your device type:

AC Pro Mobile App

Yes, you may add a credit card to your online account during checkout by clicking on the box “Save to Account” in the Payments section under the credit card information.

You may also add a credit card to the online account through the My Account menu.

Please note, updating the credit card online will not update the in-store credit card on file or vice-versa. For your protection, we do not transfer credit card data between systems.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Yes, under the My Account button you may view your order history, all orders are listed here, both online and in-store. You can also search by AC Pro Order #, your PO # or Job #, the item on the order, or the Serial #.

Yes, under the My Account button, click on the bold branch selection at the very top of the My Account menu. A window will open where you can select a different branch.

By changing your home branch location, the inventory shown on product pages will default to that branch’s inventory.

Also, by changing your home branch, this will change the default store that will be processing your order.

If you cannot see pricing on certain items, it is most likely that your account is missing information such as your contractor’s license # or EPA certificate. Please contact our customer service team to resolve any missing information.

Otherwise, if you have a sub-account you may not have the permissions from your Main Account holder to view pricing. Please check with your Main Account holder first, if you are a sub-account user who cannot see pricing.

There are select furnaces that are unavailable in California due to state regulations. If your shipping address is a California address, the site will prevent you from ordering the incorrect item.

Yes, during checkout after selecting “Store Pickup” in the Billing Information section, click on the dropdown menu within the Shipping Method section, then select the store you’d like to pick up from. This will be for this specific order only and will not change your home branch.

Yes, during checkout under Shipping Information, you can add the job site address to the order by selecting the dropdown menu and clicking “New Address” at the very bottom.

If this is an address you’d like to save for future orders, select the box to “Save in Address Book” then click continue.

Yes, AC Pro Delivery trucks will deliver within Southern California and Nevada.

You may select the delivery date and provide any shipping instructions in the Shipping Method section during checkout. If you need the order delivered by the next day please place the order by 3PM PT.

If your job site is outside of our local delivery area, we have the option to ship via USPS or UPS.

If you cannot find an item on the online store, we suggest that you first ask one of our customer service representatives for assistance via chat or phone call. Otherwise, you may easily place a special order by clicking on the Special Order button found on the Shopping Cart page, or at the bottom of the site under the Support + Services menu.

Special orders will be sent to your home branch. Your home branch will review and respond to you within 24 hours. You may include pictures, drawings, or documents to help provide more details about the special order.

Yes, you can drag the items up or down the list within the Order Template page. When signed in, click on the Order Templates button next to the My Account button. Select the order template you would like to edit then click on the "Sort All Items" button on the top left of the Order Template. Find the three grey bar symbol to the left of the item’s picture and drag the item up or down the list. Once you're done sorting your Order Template simply click "Done Sorting" on the top left of the Order Template and the sort order will be saved.

Yes, for Order Templates you can click on the arrow icon next to the template name and a menu will drop down. At the bottom of the menu is the option to Print Template. Once you click Print Template the site will use your browser settings to print.

To print your Cart, when viewing your Shopping Cart there will be a "PRINT" button at the top right hand side of your shopping cart items. Simply click "PRINT" and the site will use your browser settings to print.

Yes, our AC Pro Local Delivery is Free, there aren't any Handling or Freight fees. Also, we may run Free Shipping Promotions for UPS Ground Shipping on Select Items from time to time. Our Free Shipping promotions are for select qualifying items only, which can be identified by the "Free Shipping" notice above the Quantity in Cart Box on each product page. If there isn't a Free Shipping notice the item does not qualify for Free Shipping. Also, our Free Shipping promotion is for UPS Ground shipping within the US Continental 48 states, which excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Only in-stock items are eligible. Cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

Yes, under the My Account feature click on Order History. Select the checkbox next to the Orders/Invoices you'd like to download then click the Invoice button at the top. The invoices will download as pdf files with the invoice # as it's title. You can also download via Excel by clicking the Excel/CSV button at the top.

Yes, under the My Account feature click on Invoice Gateway. Invoice Gateway is a secondary site login, as it is a third party site for managing payments for customers with a line of credit. If you do not already have a login it is easy to sign up, you’ll just need a token # from the top of one of your AC Pro Invoices. Once logged in, click on the box next to the invoice(s) you’d like to pay and follow the instructions to pay with a bank account or credit card.

The scavenging function allows the indoor unit to extract air from the room. If the room is very hot, you can enable scavenger mode to cool the room down very quickly. It can also be used to remove odors from the room.

Easily print labels for your Inventory on Trucks or in your Warehouse by clicking on Order Templates, then click on the blue down arrow next to the name of the Order Template. Then select the option to print either on 2 column label pages or 3 column label pages. For 2 column we suggest you load your printer with OL75P Weatherproof Polyester 4"x1" labels. For 3 column we suggest you load your printer with OL6950LP Weatherproof Polyester 2.25" x 0.75" labels.